Wedding Tip Tuesday: Enjoying Cocktail Hour

For those that have been following along for a while now, you may have noticed my Wedding Tip Tuesday’s on my instagram feed here and there, I’ve decided to branch out to my blog because I can’t always fit everything in a story or the photo caption. 
So let’s chat here shall we?


This week I want to discuss timeline. Specifically for those couples who would like to enjoy some of their cocktail hour with their guests. To be perfectly honest with you, your wedding day can be planned from start to finish and something will come up to shift the timeline day of, because NOTHING goes exactly to plan and you know what? It’s okay! It’s okay because no one will notice, your guests will still be smiling and enjoying themselves no matter what. I understand that my couples want to spend their cocktail hour mingling, however this is also your time with your photographer who wants to make sure they’ve captured all of the family photos, wedding party and bride and groom portraits they can because at the end of the day, your photos will be what reminds you of this day you’ve been planning for what feels like… FOREVER. So my suggestion to you is don’t stress too much, your guests have been to PLENTY of weddings and know they don’t see much of the couple until the reception anyways, you can make your way around then to chat and party it up with everyone. 

NOW… if you read that far and thought, no I’d still like to mingle a bit for cocktail hour - well my suggestion to you is to go outside the traditional ways of a wedding day and do a first look with your significant other. This may not be ideal for some couples, but it definitely helps get you that timeline you are dreaming of. If you did a first look once you were done getting ready, then you could do some bride and groom portraits, and complete ALL of your wedidng party photos. This frees up at least 1 hour of time for you to enjoy during cocktail hour. THEN you can still sneak away a little later on throughout the reception with your photographer for some more bride and groom portraits (because at this point, you’ll have your rings on and always nice to get some shots showing those beauty’s off!). 





If you need a little extra convincing, check out this blog post from a few years back all about the ‘first look’…

Hope this helps some Bride & Groom’s in the planning stages! If you have any other questions in regards to your wedding day - type it in the comments section below and I can answer those in the coming blog posts…  

Happy Planning!


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