Wedding Tip Tuesday: Getting Ready Photos


There are a few important details I always like to educate my couples on when it comes to the getting ready photos of the day. The day is busy, long, but exciting and most importantly a day to cherish all of the special memories you will make! Make sure you have everything you need to feel fully prepared. 


A list of some important items would be:
The invitation.
Any sentimental pieces you are including in your wedding day.
Bridal Dress on a wooden hanger if possible (it makes the world of difference in a photo).
Brides shoes, garter (if wearing one), jewelry, etc.
The Groom’s attire - tie, vest, shoes, etc. 

Having these items will help your photographer to capture your story and is perfect if having an album created of your wedding day because it can lay out your day from start to finish and tie in all of your wedding details together.

The invitation is one of my favourite items to photograph because as a photographer and creative, the colour scheme is often the same to the colour scheme of the day so it looks beautiful when a blog post or album is put together.



I also make sure to let my couples know bright window light is key! Make sure the room isn’t overly busy, and there is large windows - if I need to move furniture around or things off a table, I am totally okay to do that. I just prefer not to be walking into a dark painted room with dim lighting. All photographers are different though, but with my style being more bright and airy - I love a natural lit room!








I have often had couples ask me what hotel is best to get ready at and I’ve had a few suggestions because of the natural light that comes in the windows, so if you need help with the details of your day, ask your photographer - they should know many gems around the area that will be perfect to help capture your day!

And most importantly of all, just breath. If you forget a detail (like the invite for example) don’t sweat it! I actually didn’t bring mine on my wedding day and I used some dried flowers from my bouquet and pinned it in a shadow box for display in our house. I love it and it’s still a nice memory that we have.  

If you have any questions about planning your wedding day, leave me a comment below and I’ll see if I can answer them in the Wedding Tip Tuesday blog posts. 

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