Caitlin | Boudoir Session, Durham Region Photographer

When my brides write me to inquire about a boudoir session as a wedding gift for their hubby to be I get pretty excited! I love when brides feel comfortable in their own skin and don’t mind showing it off a little infront of my camera. They not only get a lovely gift for their husband, but they get a gift for themselves as well. When do we ever take the time just for us? I always want to make sure my clients are having fun, feel relaxed and comfortable and usually after the first 10-20 minutes of us just girl chatting and me snapping some photos, they start to warm up and the confidents and sass pours out of them and they walk away feeling more beautiful then they did before we started. 

Caitlin was no exception, she rocked her session and she is a stunner! Her hubby is one lucky guy and if you recently saw their wedding photos you will see how choked up he got receiving these photos the day of their wedding. I never get to see the reaction when a bride gifts these to her hubby and I was so excited to see my second caught those shots of him, he absolutely loved the photos and how could he not? I mean … seriously! Just look for yourself.

Thank you Caitlin for letting me capture these for you and thank you for allowing me to share some of my favourites! 












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