Owen's 1st Birthday Cake Smash


I’ve been photographing this little boy since he was born, and I of course was very excited when his Mom & Dad asked me to photograph his cake smash session. 

Most times when I do a cake smash, babies tend to stick to their cake or at least near it…little Owen had other plans.

As you will see we began on one side of the room and finished over on the other. He must have known where the beautiful window light was ;) cause he led me over that way - we just had to bring the cake to him of course! 

This session was so much fun and full of so many laughs! His poor parents had a lot of cleaning up after this session as he decided to smear most of what was on his hands and face on the couch or glass sliding door but he was having so much fun doing it and gave me so many adorable smiles and facial expressions! 

I love these sessions so much, such a great way to celebrate their 1st year and a fun way to remember them at their busiest stage (because you may find you’ll have to chase them around a little - well worth it though!).

Take a peak for yourselves - so much cuteness!




So much tude!029A0051.jpg


 Let the face smearing begin!029A0044.jpg




Best facial expression ever. ‘WHAT! I am just trying to enjoy my cake!’ ;)029A0023.jpg



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