Heather & Brent | August 25, 2012

A little delayed, finally had time to post this wedding… enjoy!

Heather is one of my favourite girlies - I have a few close girls, and she definitely is one of them! We’ve known each other since we were younger as our parents use to get together with a bunch of other family friends as well. I find my closest friends are those who are more like family to me, the ones I’ve grown up with for many years. We have many memories together! One very special one to me is that she wanted me to be apart of her special day. I was a bridesmaid in her wedding so there isn’t too many photos, but when I had time - I grabbed a few shots where I could to show some beautiful moments :)

My boyfriend, Tristan and I met Brent a few years back now but only briefly at family events and such. It wasn’t until we went and stayed a few days in Temagami with the two of them that we really got to know Brent. I saw why these two are a good match. They can make each other laugh and balance each other out at the sametime, which is always the best combination with any relationship! Heather text me last December the day before new years eve with the news that Brent had proposed! I was so excited for her! Although, I think Heather had plans of this wedding far before he proposed, (like many girl’s do though - it is just how our brain works ;) that she knew exactly what month and what day she’d like her and Brent to say ‘I do’. 

The day turned out beautifully, weather was gorgeous and so was the bride! Okay and the groom looked handsome too! They had a lovely country wedding with all their close family & friends. Many special memories were made as these two started the next chapter in their lives.

Congraulations you two! Thank-you for having me stand up there with you and be apart of such a special day for the two of you.
I wish you many years of happiness in your future together. Love you guys! 














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