Hailey & Fletcher | Engagement Session

I met with Hailey and Fletcher a few months back now to book their wedding in October at the Royal Ashburn. We had talked about how we all went to the same high school and who we might have known. I was a few grades below them, so I wasn’t quite sure I had seen them around school. However, when looking at Hailey - I still had this feeling I knew her from some where. Finally it hit me when I looked at her last name. 

Hailey and I met back in the day, it seems so silly now but back then in one of my classes there was a desk that someone wrote on the inside, ‘hey’ or something along those lines. So I wrote back. The next time I went to that class, there was a new message. It then started to go back and forth and eventually we ran out of room to write in the desk, lol, so we decided to write a note and leave it inside the desk. We became ‘desk pen pals’ I guess you could say. Who knows who even wrote that one message, but it led Hailey and I to write to each other. I think we finally met during Hailey’s last year of highschool, just briefly. As soon as I had mentioned the story to Hailey she definitely remembered! Such a small world! Never know when you will run into someone again!

Fletcher and Hailey met during their final years in high school. They’ve been together and very much in love ever since! Now in just a few months, they will stand before their family and friends and say ‘I do’. They are so sweet together and really know how to make each other laugh. We met on the hottest day of the year this July, lol, but it worked out well and we had a great time! In between all the kisses, hugs and laughter - we captured some cute memories! 

Congratulations you two! Was so fun capturing these memories for you, can’t wait to capture your wedding day as well!

Enjoy these photos :)












They definitely needed a photo with their hats! A little joke between their family, friends and them.
I loved this photo! So cute! They have so much fun together :)IMG_8091.jpg


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