Royal Ashburn Wedding | Jill & Denis Wedding - July 2011

Jill contacted me in June to capture their Wedding. She was worried I would have been booked, as she had my card since January and just hadn’t had a chance to call. Their Wedding being on Canada Day long weekend also worried her that I’d be away. To her luck and mine, I was available! I felt so honoured to have been chosen as their Wedding photographer! Jill and I met to discuss the details of their day and she told me stories of Denis (her future hubby at the time ;) and their kids (Jill has 3 boys, and Denis has 2 boys). She told me about her family and her excitement for her new family. She had nothing but smiles especially when she spoke of Denis. He was not there when we met but she showed me pictures from their trip down south in the winter (an early honeymoon), and told me things about him.  Jill was such a friendly and outgoing person, I knew Denis would be nothing but the same. After leaving their absolutely gorgeous house - I was very excited to shoot their Wedding!

It was such a beautiful weekend for a Wedding, warm sun and gorgeous lighting. Jill and Denis got married at Royal Ashburn Golf Club (which was where I worked as a banquet server many years ago). Jill walked down the aile with her Father under the summer sun and met Denis, she gave her Dad a kiss on the cheek and the Ceremony began. All Jill could do was stare over at Denis and smile. When Denis was speaking his vows, Jill’s expression changed to holding back tears. It was such a cute ceremony, full of so much love. We captured many beautiful memories that day!

I was only there for 2 hours, but Jill and Denis insisted I stay for dinner which was so nice of them! Also, Royal Ashburn’s food is nothing best amazing so I was very excited to eat!

Thank-you both, my first Wedding shot at Royal Ashburn was a great experience and you two were such a joy to work with! Wish you nothing but happiness for many years to come! Congratulations!

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